President Correa calls for eco-crimes

RafaelCorrea.162409At the opening of COP21, Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa called for the creation of an International Court of Environmental Justice to punish environmental crimes. Lead envoy for Nicuragua has refused to sign up to the ‘intended nationally determined contribution [what this is: a voluntary UN pact that all countries in a position to do so are asked to submit ‘intended nationally determined contributions‘ (INDCs) to international efforts to hold warming to 2C], as it amounts to business as usual.

Elsewhere Prince Charles also wants law to step in. Publically supporting investors taking polluting firms to court if and when states ignore their responsibilities and fail to take action, Prince Charles highlighted the deficiency of politics and the neccessity of the rule of law. Company directors are at risk of litigation in the event they mislead investors and the public about climate change and shall find themselves in court for having contributed to anthropogenic climate change.