Who Is Charles Grant?

Charles Grant was one of the most important businessmen in history. Why? As a visionary Director of the East India Company he decided not to accept profit at any cost and used his power and influence to help end the slave trade.

As Director of the East India Company he led a multinational business at a time when the slave trade was not only thought to be lawful, but was also an integral part of the global economy.  He had the courage to speak out against the slave trade. When he did, others started to stand up in business and speak out too. Within a few years, slavery became illegal.

Today we are seeking the equivalent for the modern world – not just business leaders but anyone who can make Earth their business, to take on the biggest job on Earth and call for an international law of Ecocide.

You can read more about why Earth is our Business here.

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The Biggest Job on Earth
Help us find the next Charles Grant to speak out about the law of Ecocide and take on the biggest job on Earth. Download, print this poster and stick it up somewhere where people can see. Post it on your website or in a magazine.