What You Can Do

This section is for those of you who are interested in helping to make Ecocide a crime but don’t have much time or don’t know where to start. It sets out some basic ways you can make a difference. Click here for useful documents to help you get involved.

Keep updated


  • Come and hear an inspirational talk by Polly
  • Come along to a ‘Train the Trainers’ session to become a voice for the Earth
  • Check our diary for upcoming events
  • Put on your own event and/or invite Polly to speak

Spread the word

  • Seed the word Ecocide on as many Wikipedia pages, blogs and articles as you can
  • Use the word in everyday language when talking about mass damage and destruction
  • Share our videos and the documentary


  • Suggest Ecocide as a discussion topic with your local community group, society or club
  • Seed our useful documents
  • Share our videos and the documentary


Seed to friends

  • Post a link to our website on your fb page or twitter account
  • Forward our newsletter to your friends and family
  • Send them a link to one of the videos on youtube or vimeo (just search Ecocide law)

Be creative

  • Make a great multi-media symphony
  • Collaborate with other great artists
  • Launch your event with great sound, film, music, dance and art

Wear it

  • Create your own Ecocide T-shirt or badge

Press, academic journals, online, books & blogs

  • Write a paper on Ecocide, or carry out some research on the topic
  • Write an article, book or blog on Ecocide
  • Seed it to someone else who can write about it
  • Check out some of the press coverage


  • If you’re handy with a camera, you can make a film or video clip about Ecocide
  • If music is your thing, write a song
  • If you’re a talented artist, info-graphics are great to raise awareness about Eradicating Ecocide
  • If you’re part of a drama group, put on a play about Ecocide

Council and Party Support


Mock Trial

Become an Earth Advocate

  • Just by mentioning the word Ecocide at events can spread the message in a big way, people in the audience may not have heard of it before and may come up to you afterwards to ask more, or may go and look at the website when they get home. So even simply asking a question at an event can be helpful.


  • YPTE – The Young People’s Trust for the Environment – has a great info-base on Ecocide law. You check it out here.