A range of documents are available for you to read, send out, to use as the basis of research, to include as reference documents, or to build upon for your own written or spoken work. If you are attaching documents to emails, written work or as attachments to letters please always mention the title of the documents you are sending and a brief explanation of the document.

You can freely share, copy and paste all the documents below (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Mock Trial & Sentencing Documents

A range of documents are available for people interested in putting on their own mock Ecocide Trial, as used in the UK Mock Ecocide Trial held in the UK Supreme Court.

See also highlights of the mock Ecocide Trial on Youtube and watch the full trial here.


A range of template letters are available for you to use and amend as necessary to send to people informing them about the Law of Ecocide.

Speaking Out

  • Speaking Out: a flash card which sets out the main points about Ecocide. It is useful for learning the main facts so that you are confident when talking to people about Ecocide. It can also be printed to give to people as flyers.
  • Eradicating Ecocide Postcard Side 1 and Side 2: a postcard which can also be printed to give to people.

Council Motion

Translations of Key Documents

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and also


  • Click here for a range of graphics you can use (please feel free to create your own).



A template presentation and speech about the Law of Ecocide which can be used and amended as required.