A range of documents are available for you to read, send out, to use as the basis of research, to include as reference documents, or to build upon for your own written or spoken work. If you are attaching documents to emails, written work or as attachments to letters please always mention the title of the documents you are sending and a brief explanation of the document.

You can freely share, copy and paste all the documents below, as long as it is not for profit (CC BY-NC 3.0).

Key Documents

Sets out why the law of Ecocide is necessary and details the road map for implementation. A copy has been sent to all governments in March 2012. However, if a new president or prime minister is elected in your country please send them a copy. Heads of states’ email and postal addresses are available here.

A one page summary of the Concept Paper sent to all governments in March 2012.

A template letter to be used when sending out the Concept Paper. Please amend if necessary.

A report by The Human Rights Consortium at the School of Advanced Studies, University of London, July 2012. It reports that Ecocide was examined by the UN for inclusion as a Crime Against Peace throughout the 1970s through to the 1990s. A law of Ecocide was removed from what is now called the Rome Statute in 1996, despite many countries objections.

The proposed Directive to the European Union to end Ecocide in Europe as part of the European Citizens Initiative, drafted by Polly Higgins. More information here.

The proposed Ecocide Act drafted by Polly Higgins.

These guidelines would be used when someone is found guilty of Ecocide by a judge to determine the sentence an offender would face.

Draft World Bank Assessment Rules, drafted by Polly Higgins.  These guidelines would be used by the World Bank to ensure investment into Ecocidal activities stopped.

Details the ten countries with Ecocide Laws in place.

Trial & Sentencing Documents

A range of documents are available for people interested in putting on their own mock Ecocide Trial, as used in the UK Mock Ecocide Trial held in the UK Supreme Court.

See also highlights of the mock Ecocide Trial on our EradicatingecocideTV and watch the full trial here.


A range of template letters are available for you to use and amend as necessary to send to people informing them about the Law of Ecocide.

Other Useful Documents

Some Useful Background Reading

Speaking Out

      • Perfect Your Pitch:  a flash card which sets out the main points about Ecocide. It is useful for learning the main facts so that you are confident when talking to people about Ecocide. It can also be printed to give to people as flyers.
      • Eradicating Ecocide Postcard Side 1 and Side 2: a postcard which can also be printed to give to people as a flyer.

Council Motion


Talks and Presentations

A template presentation and speech about the Law of Ecocide which can be used and amended as required.

Translations of Key Documents

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