What do we truly value? Happiness, connectedness, community, nature, a nourished and healthy environment, life, family and love. By measuring progress solely with GDP we have forgotten many other important aspects of the economy.

There are thousands of people, organisations and think tanks around the world researching and working on the evolution of our economic system, to one which values well-being and happiness rather than one which solely pursues profit at all costs.

Part of an alternative economy is “gifting”. In the gift economy, goods and services are given out of kindness without any expectance of receiving reward.  Rather than accumulating our wealth and skills, copyrighting and overcharging, we share.

Our documents use a creative commons licenseand are open source. Please print, use, quote, share our documents and website material as much as you like, so long as you are not using them for profit and provide a reference where necessary. We are extremely grateful to people who gift their time, skills, expertise, and services to us for free. So far we have had some fantastic gifts as listed here.

Read more about the gift economy on Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics website.

WISH20 Gifts

All WISH20 graphics were gifted by Kengo Kurimoto. Kengo said “I am just happy to help a cause I believe in passionately.” WISH20 widget and mapping were gifted by Garret Lo Porto and Mike, of
#WISH20 poetry gifted by Martin Powell.

Other gifts

Some of our printing has been gifted by CardsMadeEasy. You can read Cards Made Easy’s Environmental Policy.
Full showcase listing in My Green Directory was gifted by Sue Jueno Founder and Director of My Green Directory. This allows us to publish 3 articles a month in My Green Directory for free. Sue said she was “happy to gift for such an amazing cause.
Trees for Life have kindly gifted the setting up of our own grove, and this year (2011- 2012) we will purchase 61 trees to be planted to be carbon conscious.

Creative Commons images

The images used on the website were found using the creative commons.

Have a gift?

Gifting your time and skills to help us is also greatly valued. If you can gift your time please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.