The Wider Team

In order to make Ecocide a crime we need more than just the core team of staff working full time in London. Our Wider Team is made up of active individuals and groups from all over the world who are passionate about cocreating the beautiful new world and are volunteering to make Ecocide a crime.  We are incredibly grateful for the Wider Team, a big thank you to all of you.

If you are leading on making Ecocide a crime and want to feature on this page, please let us know, we would love to hear from you and showcase your work to inspire others. If you want to get involved click here for ideas.

Key Individuals

Around the world there are amazing men and women who are taking leadership on making Ecocide a crime by seeding the message in their local community. Below are just a few of them.

Diana Marquand, Wales, has given many talks on Ecocide and plans to organise more. She sends lots of letters to MPs, got the Bill of Rights for the Earth translated into Welsh and sent it to the Welsh Assembly members. Get in touch with Diana here.


Children and youth

At the Sixth World Youth Congress held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil June 2012, the youth adopted 20 solutions to achieve a sustainable future and making Ecocide a crime was one of them.

The youth can play a major part in helping to make Ecocide a crime.  They are the future generation, they have the courage to speak from the heart about what they believe in and have the most to lose and gain from governmental decisions made now.

Post Rio +20 we are looking for Youth Leaders who can be a focal point in their local/regional/ national area.  If you are interested then please download the guide Youth Matter: How you can help make Ecocide a crime, get in touch, and get involved.   Below are a few examples of what young people are doing to help the campaign.

Robert Holtom worked as the campaigns director for Eradicating Ecocide in 2011. He is a passionate advocate of Earth Law and was drawn to the Eradicating Ecocide movement because it addresses numerous global problems in a holistic manner. Robert continues to volunteer for the cause and especially enjoys inspiring people at speaking events and writing articles. He will soon be starting an MSc in Nature, Society, and Environmental Policy at Linacre College, Oxford. Visit Rob’s website.

Maïmouna-Lise Pouye, France,  has volunteered with the us helping with research and co reasearched the first Ecocide Project research paper for the Human Rights Consortium, University of London. Mai is also writing her dissertation for her Masters in Law, on the role played by both ecocide and genocide in realising the ecological plunder of Africa and thus, she is focusing her research on the intrinsic link existing between ecocide and genocide. Get in touch with Mai here.


Anja Gauger, German, was the head researcher for the University of London’s report into the UN history of the criminalisation of ecocide.  Anja has a Bachelor of Sociology from the University of Hamburg and is currently completing the Master of Understanding and Securing Human Rights at the University of London (School of Advanced Study, Institute of Commonwealth Studies). Her interests lie in the areas of indigenous peoples rights, corporate sustainability and responsibility, and environmental rights. Anja’s dissertation will cover the impact of extraction industries in Australia on its Indigenous population in regard to ecocide. Contact Anja.

Meg Nicholson is from Dunedin, New Zealand, and is a 5th year student at Otago University. She studies French and Law and is writing her Honours dissertation on Ecocide. She is analysing the proposal put to the UN by Polly Higgins and assessing its possible utility in New Zealand.


Karine Péloffy, Québec, is a lawyer who has been volunteering with the Ecocide team in London for the past year, helping with many things from producing videos to translating documents into French and spreading the message to whoever will listen, be it at a party or high-level business event. She will soon be moving to Quebec or South Africa and is keen to link up with others to start actions groups there.  Get in touch with Karine here.



Divine Ntiokam, Cameroon, is the vice chairman of Worldview Mission and is one of the Youth Leaders for Eradicating Ecocide.  He is a  youth advocate and Partnership Co-ordinator for the Youth Task Force at the Earth Charter Initiative.  Divine is messaging ecocide out across many Youth Networks and establishing Country and Regional Focal Points who can speak out about Ecocide at International and National UN Events.  He is part of the UN Clusters for Post-2015 Agenda .  Watch Something To Believe In-MGCY Rio+20 Declaration and Farm to School.   If you would like to be a youth focal point in your country and speak out about making Ecocide a crime get in touch with Divine here.



Indigenous People

Raven Courtney, Canada, is on a walk for Mother Earth from Vancouver to St John’s, walking the Trans Canada Highway to bring the message that the Earth is sacred. Raven is of the Anishanabe Nation and an Earth Keeper and Water Walker. Show your support for Raven here. 


Community Action Groups

Stroud Action Group, UK, is a group of dedicated individuals, running a number of actions to help make Ecocide a crime.  Before the Earth Summit 2012 the group ran a Rolls to Rio campaign, creating beautiful decorated rolls containing personal messages to David Cameron and delivered this to Stroud MP Neil Carmichael. Get in touch with key contact Trish Dickinson here. Photo by Ruth Davey.



Ron Hart heads up Eradicating Ecocide Canada; a voluntary action group working on a number of initiatives to spread the message. Ron has set up a website to coordinate actions. Contact Ron here.


Local Authorities and Government Bodies

Oxford City Council, UK, was the first Council to accept a motion to support making Ecocide a crime.  Councillor Matt Morton put forward the motion early in 2012 which was accepted.  Since then the council and Matt in particular has been contacting local MPs urging them to support the campaign.  If you are a councillor and would like your council to support making Ecocide a crime please download the template motions available here.  You can contact Matt here.