A Vision

A vision of a world that has ended the era of Ecocide

That is a vision Polly believes in. Ecocide is a crime and it can be fully implemented as law by 2020.  Here are some of the values that shape her work:

Visionary: shining a light on what is required and showing that it is possible to create a better world.

Inspiring: seeding and nurturing a positive vision based on a ‘first do no harm principle.’

Unifying: inviting in the potential for people and planet to connect from a place of care.

Collaborating: with others who share the same values.

Decentralising: inviting in many voices to take forward the law of Ecocide.

Caring: about people and planet.

Carbon conscious: Polly gifts to the Trees for Life Caledonian Forest scheme. In 2012 61 trees were planted, and for each year a carbon audit is undertaken, more trees shall be planted.

Volunteer Code:

  • All volunteers are treated equally.
  • We never share mailing lists, passwords or databases.
  • All queries shall be answered as promptly as possible, truthfully and as fully as possible.

Sharing and Open Source

  • As recipients of the gift economy, everyone who freely gifts their time, skills, expertise, and services is enormously valued.
  • Most of our documents use a creative commons license and are open source. Please feel free to print, use, quote, share our documents and website material as much as you like, so long as you are not using them for profit.