What has now been established is the direct link between rising temperatures, carbon emissions and major carbon emitters. By prohibiting ecocide and creating a law that makes it mandatory for States and corporations to end ecological ecocide and significantly abate climate ecocide, temperature rise can be minimised and  major carbon emitters prohibited.

Ecocide adversely impacts on many levels, the can be harm both ecological and cultural. Our emotions and our senses are affected; we feel and see the adverse impact of ecocide. Communities most harmed by ecocide suffer what is known as solastalgia. At a collective level communities feel a profound sense of isolation and intense desolation. This is compounded by the community’s lack of power in the face of State and corporate might, the pain of being unable to console in times of great distress and the loss of homeland.

Without the sense of deep care for people and planet, our laws are singularly absent of proper governance. Ecocide law gives enforcement to a ‘legal duty of care’ not only for only communities but also future generations and the wider life of our Earth.

Mapping of sea-level rises

The evidence: satellite mapping tools predict that sea-level rises from 4 °C increase (7.2 °F) in temperature — a business-as-usual scenario — could lock in enough eventual sea level rise to submerge land currently home to 470 to 760 million people. To significantly abate sea-level rises (and climate ecocide) carbon emission cuts are required. (For estimates, mapping and report, see scientific research organization Climate Central)

100 companies are source of over 70% emissions

The major perpetrators: 100 active fossil fuel producers including ExxonMobil, Shell, BHP Billiton and Gazprom are linked to 71% of industrial greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. (See: Summary of Report,  CPD Carbon Majors Report 2017, and the Carbon Majors website)

By prohibiting carbon major corporations and carbon major States (States that own or part-own fossil fuel industry) from causing climate and ecological ecocide protects, prevents and pre-empts the most serious crime of our time.

Our Legacy

Justice is required, for both people and planet. Resetting the scales of justice restores and protects humanity, our Earth and its ecosystems from climate change. We have a moral – and ultimately a legal – obligation to ensure the safety, health and well-being of others, human and non-human. Ecocide law is Earth law; and those with significant power – corporations and States – will have a duty to protect. Protection of people and planet can be done.  How we choose to leave our Earth is our legacy.