A fully proposed draft of the law of Ecocide was submitted into the United Nations by Polly Higgins in April 2010. The intent behind the drafting is to ensure that people and planet are put first and to create a legal duty of care on all nations.

What is Ecocide
Learn about the problem of ecocide, why the law of Ecocide acts as a solution and how the law will work.
What is Ecocide
Existing Ecocide Laws
Learn about the history of the law of Ecocide in the United Nations and the existing Ecocide laws in ten countries around the world. Existing Ecocide Laws
Earth Law
Learn about an emerging body of law which puts people and planet above profit including community bills of rights
Earth Law
A Law for Business
Learn about why the Law of Ecocide is good for business, and how it can trigger the transformation to achieve the green economy
A Law for Human Rights
Learn why a law of Ecocide will ensure the protection of our human rights. Human Rights
A Law for Peace
Learn why a law of Ecocide is a law for peace and security.
The Mock Trial
Learn about the mock Ecocide trial held at the Supreme Court of England and Wales.
Mock Trial
Restorative Justice
Learn about restorative justice and the Ecocide restorative justice sentencing event. Restorative Justice
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions about the law of Ecocide please read our frequently asked questions.

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