Laws and governance to prevent the destruction of our planet

EE BookcoverSecond Edition now out: International environment lawyer and barrister Polly Higgins sets out to demonstrate how ‘compromise’ laws have caused the problem and why we can destroy the Earth without consequence. The solution offered is to create a law of Ecocide, the 5th Crime Against Peace.  Such a law shall hold to account CEO’s as well as other ‘natural persons’ in positions of superior responsibility (State and Corporate Responsibility).

We have a choice: govern our Earth for future generations, or continue to destroy it, risking future wars over diminishing resources. Higgins sets out the missing law with clarity. Eradicating Ecocide was the 2011 winner of the People’s Book Prize for non-fiction. Second Edition was published in September 2015.

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Changing the rules of the game

Earth is our Business takes forward the proposal of Polly Higgins’ first book, Eradicating Ecocide. This book examines in greater detail the missing law of Ecocide. Polly advocates that law and carbon trading mechanisms are not enough: Polly advocates a new form of leadership which places the health and well-being of people and planet first. This book demonstrates how law can provide the tools to build the bridge to a new way of doing business. She argues, in fact, that Earth is the business of us all, not the exclusive preserve of the executives of the world’s top corporations.

Earth is our Business is groundbreaking; no other book proposes law that comprehensively changes the rules of the game. Ecocide is a law that will transform our economies, energy supplies and political landscape. The implications of Polly Higgins’ proposal are far-reaching and profound. Like her award-winning first book, Earth is our Business is written for anyone who is engaging in the new and emerging discourse about the future of our planet.

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Please do order your copy via your local independent bookstore (supporting their local business) or, if that is not possible, you can buy Earth is our Business here.


IDYTBGI Dare You To Be Great explores Polly Higgins’ story as an Earth lawyer as she discovers how we can create a legal duty of care for the Earth – a law of Ecocide. We have a choice: break our chains and create a greater freedom, or remain enslaved to an era of Ecocide. Polly invites in a conversation of a different kind; firing up a neural pathway of exploration that takes us into the unknown yet expands our vision of what our legacy could be. Sharing her insights, she sheds a light on what is possible – a vision far greater and more beautiful than we have dared before.

Greatness is a quest: one that speaks to all of us. By daring to be great – rediscovering how to use the creativity, passion and power that lie within us – we can find freedom and inspiration to break the cycles of harm playing out in our world. This is the message of a new and inspiring book by prizewinning author Polly Higgins.

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3rd Edition now out (2016). Please do order your copy via your local independent bookstore (supporting their local business) or, if that is not possible you can buy I Dare You To Be Great here.

Contributing Chapters by Polly Higgins

Polly has contributed chapters to a number of books, including Exploring Wild Law: the philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence, edited by Peter Burdon and Small World, Big Ideas edited by Satish Kumar. Polly also contributes to legal and non-legal, academic and non-academic publications.

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