Funding Code of Ethics

  1. To use all funds effectively for their intended purposes, in advancement of Voices for the Earth and the stated Earth Community Trust objectives.
  2. Polly Higgins and the Earth Community Trust to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  3. To make accessible to the public the Earth Community Trust annual report and accounts.
  4. To ensure all freedom funds will be gifted to the named person (less 10% which is retained by the Earth Community Trust).
  5. To ensure all Freedom Funders are acknowledged.
  6. We honour all requests of confidentiality by funders who request it.
  7. We never share mailing lists or databases.
  8. To respond as promptly, as truthfully and as fully as possible.
  9. To invite in only funds from donors that are aligned with our values of ecological integrity and justice.
  10. To return all funds in the event that they are no longer required.