Funding Ethos

Funding Ethos

Your funds are the lifeline that enabling Polly and her team to advance the law of ecocide.

Polly and all who work with her choose to advocate for the benefit of future generations.  For the past 7 years Polly has committed her life to advancing ecocide law. None of the team treat this as a career but as a mission. Your funds are always used directly for the practicalities of taking Ecocide law forward. Expenses they will cover can include flights, workspace overheads, venue hire and communications and give the team the freedom to advise States that are economically restricted as and when the windows of opportunity arise.

Funding Code of Ethics

  1. Your funds shall always be treated as a gift.
  2. In accordance with the UK laws, all gifts received are non-taxable and as such no tax relief shall be claimed by Polly.
  3. All funders details shall remain confidential (funders will be named online only where express permission has been given).
  4. Larger funds/funders are named Freedom Funds/Funders.
  5. Smaller funds/funders are Seed Funds/Funders.
  6. Only funds from donors that are aligned with the values of ecological integrity and justice shall be accepted.
  7. Legal responsibilities for all gifts received shall be the sole responsibility of Polly Higgins.
  8. All queries shall be responded to as promptly and as fully as possible.
  9. All funds shall be returned in the event that they are no longer required.

Carbon Conscious

Polly gifts to the Trees for Life Caledonian Forest scheme. 61 trees were initially planted in 2012, and every so often more trees are planted.

Sharing and Open Source

  • Over the years many have gifted their time, skills and expertise freely.  They have contributed greatly and are highly valued.
  • Most of our documents are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons (CC BY-NC) and are open source. Please feel free to print, use, quote, share our documents and website material as much as you like.