A Vision

Polly’s vision is one of a world that has ended the era of Ecocide.

That is a vision Polly believes in. Ecocide law can be supported by many Earth Protectors across the world. Instead of unwanted ecological harm and disaster, a world that values life and harmony can prevail.

Carbon Conscious

Polly gifts to the Trees for Life Caledonian Forest scheme. 61 trees were planted in 2012, and every so often more trees are planted.

Volunteer Code

  • All volunteers are treated equally.
  • We never share mailing lists, passwords or databases.
  • All queries shall be answered as promptly as possible, truthfully and as fully as possible.

Funding Ethos

All funding received is a gift. Some know it as the gift economy – where funds are gifted freely without expectation of return. Polly calls it Heart to Heart Funding. Funds that come from a place of heartfelt trust enable her in the best way possible to freely act as a Voice for the Earth advocating for Ecocide law. Your funds are a gift for future generations; what we choose to find now can empower many others who shall continue acting as Earth Protectors and Trustees of our beautiful Earth.

Sharing and Open Source

  • As recipients of the gift economy, we enormously value everyone who freely gifts their time, skills, expertise and services.
  • Most of our documents are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons (CC BY-NC) and are open source. Please feel free to print, use, quote, share our documents and website material as much as you like.