A Law for Peace

Today the world faces a major threat to its peace and security because ecosystems around the world are being destroyed with unprecedented speed and scale. This destruction is having materially significant consequences for present and future generations, both in the territories where each Ecocide is taking place and around the world. That this has to stop is no longer in debate; it is the rational and moral outcome that millions of people are seeking. However the question that most people ask once they understand the scale of environmental issue is how we can achieve an end to Ecocide.

Ecocide leads to resource depletion (as well as many other things). This in turn leads to conflict. This then leads to war. This leads to more damage and destruction. This is why Ecocide is a Crime Against Peace, because it leads to conflict and war. This cycle will continue until we put a stop to the Ecocide.

One-day Ecocide will be a crime. All of humanity depends on healthy ecosystems so humanity has a choice: to either consciously prevent the extensive destruction of ecosystems or wait for the consequences to impact us directly. Either way, the status quo where Ecocide remains profitable and legal cannot continue forever, so a law preventing it is inevitable.

Whilst not trivial to achieve or by any means a panacea, amending the Rome Statute to include a law of Ecocide does not require international unanimity. Further, it initially requires the support from only 81 countries. So it is much simpler for Ecocide to become the fifth Crime Against Peace than most people imagine.

However, the Law of Ecocide is more than a peace agenda. It will also trigger the ‘Green Economy’ and create millions of jobs, which will be good for people, societies, governments and shareholders everywhere.