Over 50% of the global population is under 30, that’s over 3.5 billion people. Young people have the energy and determination to bring about change and are doing incredible actions all around the world to make Ecocide a crime. Together young people around the world can lead the way, calling on our world leaders to end Ecocide by 2020.

Take action

If you are under 30 and want to get involved helping to eradicate ecocide then get in touch with your Youth Focal Point.  Check the map below to find the Youth Focal Point in your country, they will be able to help you get involved.

Youth Matter

Your Guide To Making Ecocide a Crime

A guide about making Ecocide a crime for young people


Get involved

  1.  Map your support for ending ecocide on the global map
  2. Find out what you can do to help make Ecocide a crime.
  3. Find the Youth Focal Point in your country using the map and get in touch with them.
  4. If you want to become a Youth Focal Point please send an email to Divine Ntiokam, volunteer Youth Focal Point Co-ordinator
  5. Join in discussions online and meet your Youth Focal Point on the online Eradicating Ecocide Youth Forum. 
  6. Join the Eradicating Ecocide Youth Facebook page
  7. Watch a webinar for Youth Focal Points